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Tutuapp announces itself to the world of iOS as an excellent third-party App store that serves users mod games and apps, custom content, tweaks, patches, and jailbreaks. It is a sweet spot for themes, music, wallpapers, eBooks, and loads of unofficial content typically unavailable on the App Store. TutuApp iOS liberates iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners from all iOS-related restrictions and limitations common to official iOS apps and games.

The benefits of using TutuApp for iOS are that it is a solution for purchasing downloadable content and installing third-party programs scattered online. Unlike the App Store, this App store certainly improves how you experience iOS resources. This post focuses on Tutu App for iOS, and it would help you if you read until the end.

TutuApp for iOS Specifications

App NameTutuApp iOS
Latest Version1.0.1
Updated On01/02/2023
File Size7.58 MB
CategoryApp Stores

Tutuapp iOS (Free) Download

Note : -Download and install Tutuapp iOS free version on Mac PC > Connect your iPhone to the Mac PC > Install your favorite apps and games to your iPhone for free.

Tutuapp VIP Download

If we look at the history of Tutu development, it was first released for Android devices. However, its astronomical success also created a demand for iOS consumers, which made the developers subsequently release a version of TutuApp iOS. The popularity of Tutu App among iDevice owners has overtaken that of Android users.

TutuApp is now the most-searched third-party iOS Appstore worldwide. So, what kind of apps and games can you download and install on your iPhone? Well, content from all sorts of categories is available, and most of them are modified with such features as unlimited money, unlimited ammo, magic, accessories, gems, powers, and health. You will get zero advertising or full access to premium features for apps.

TutuApp for iPhone and iPad Features

  • Download thousands of Mod apps, games, tweaks, patches, and jailbreaks.
  • TuTuApp is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all iOS-based devices.
  • It can be installed on non-jailbroken iDevices.
  • A minimalist user interface with only a few ads
  • No sign-up or login is required.
  • Multi-download compatible
  • Free and VIP versions are available.
  • App certificate revocations are fixed quickly.
  • Regular content and system updates
  • The In-App Downloader functions as a downloader and file manager.
  • Minimal storage space.

How do I install TutuApp on iOS for Free?

Tutuapp iOS free version can’t download directly to your iPhone, You can download it on Mac PC and Install Apps and Games to iPhone easily. Please follow the below instructions to get it on your iDevice.

  1. Launch the Safari browser On Mac PC and navigate to our Download page. Our website provides verified and up-to-date links.
  2. Launch the Safari browser and navigate to our Download page. Our website provides verified and up-to-date links.
  3. Scroll and locate Tutuapp dmg file. Click on it and download it on your Mac PC.
  4. Install Tutuapp dmg file on your Mac PC and run it.
  5. Now connect your iPhone to Mac device via USB cable.
  6. Tutuapp automatically detect your iPhone device.
  7. Install your favorite apps and games to your iPhone from here without app revoke.

Note : -Tutuapp VIP version can directly install your iPhone device

Some Common Problems with TutuApp iOS

You will likely receive the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error if you haven’t already trusted TutuApp. ThenYou can fix this issue immediately by navigating to Settings. You should open General Settings, launch the profile option and click on the trust button near Tutu App. Since Apple has strict regulations for third-party programs, Tutu App may sometimes suffer from crashes, freezing, or revocation issues.

To avoid such hassles, you can keep Tutu App up-to-date and perform a clean reinstall once you experience certificate revocation or launch errors. TutuApp developers are aware of these user inconveniences and are working around the clock to address these issues. Another reason for TutuApp’s long-term success is the developers’ enthusiasm and passion combined with the user community’s patronage.

Best in Class Mod Apps and Games

The beauty of TutuApp is that it caters to a wide range of user interests. For game fans, it offers content like PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Genshin Impact, Free Fire, etc. These are all modified versions of the original games. For app users, FaceApp Pro, Snapchat Premium, Youtube Premium, Micro G Mod, Disney+, TikTok, or Netflix Mods are available. There is a great variety of available mod apps and games on this store that you will instantly fall in love with. To top it all, Tutu App is a no-strings-attached solution for all apps and games without any significant drawbacks.

TutuApp may have the edge over others like Panda Helper, 3uTools, TweakBox, or AppValley; multiple users have shared their combined experience of using the above App stores and have made their observations. Most believe Tutu App outperforms the competition in terms of overall features and functions, while others believe the App stores listed above are the best TutuApp alternatives for iOS.

TutuApp for iOS Interface

Users still afraid of downloading Tutu App on their iDevice needn’t be like that if they download the TutuApp IPA installer from a trusted source. The best way is to obtain the most recent official links, such as those listed on this page. Once you have TutuApp installed, you can perform all future updates via the app itself. You can turn on update notifications via Settings.

There is less to configure on TutuApp for iOS before or after the installation. You can launch the app from the home screen and explore various aspects of the program. The built-in search tools, trending filters, and history tabs will come in handy. They help you narrow your searches for your favorite mod app or game. 


Does TutuApp work on iOS?

TutuApp works on all iOS devices without exception. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices without issues. We recommend you use it on devices running iOS 8 and above.

Is TutuApp for iOS malware?

The original TutuApp is not malware by any means. However, various copies exist online that can be infected with malware. You should always download the IPA installer from a reliable source.

Does TutuApp work on iOS 15?

Yes, the app store works on iOS 15, but if your device can’t launch it or gives any errors, you can report them to the support team.

Is TutuApp iOS legal?

TutuApp is like any other third-party app store hosting modified content. The individual legal responsibilities lie with the respective app game mod developers, and users are not held accountable. It would be highly impractical to take legal action against users, even if such content is illegal. If you are too conscientious, you can stop using this app store.

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