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In the vast expanse of the sports world, one title has captured the minds and hearts of players worldwide. Enter the fantastic online multiplayer game “Among Us,” which came from the creative minds of American game studio Innersloth. Released in 2018, this gem has quickly gained popularity drawing inspiration from the popular party game Mafia, thriller sci-fi horror film, and The Thing. In this post, we bring you Among US Mod from the TuTuApp app store. TuTuApp is one of the best platforms for Modified Android/iOS Apps & Games.

Among Us Game Specifications

App NameAmong Us
Updated onJune 28, 2023
File Size486 MB
CategoryStrategy / Multiplayer
LicenseFree / Freemium
DeveloperInnersloth LLC

Among Us Download for iOS

Among Us game compatible with iOS 10 to upper OS running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. You can download it mod version free from Tutuapp iOS appstore and get all premium game features free. If you wish to download it from official store, download Among Us iOS version from Apple App store for free.

Among Us Download APK for Android

Most of the Among Us game players download and play it on Android mobiles and Tabs. More than 500M+ android users download this top rated game from Google Play Store. However you can download Among Us MOD APK version for android mobiles and tabs for free from Tutuapp android appstore. Modified version gives all premium features free for users.

Download Among Us for PC

You can download and play Among Us game PC on big screen via Android Emulator. Download AmongUS APK version for Windows or Mac PC, install Nox or Bluestacks Emulator on PC, Run downloaded APK file via emulator and play the game and enjoy!

Unveiling the Traitors Among Astronauts

Putting players into a space-themed environment, Among Us invites them to become colorful hands-free cartoon astronauts. Each participant assumes one of two essential roles: most are Crewmates, who work diligently to complete tasks assigned to them in the game. However, a few traitors lurk among them, ready to cause chaos and destruction. Crews must use their intelligence and withdrawal powers to identify and vote out these elusive crooks who have cleverly masqueraded as their colleagues.

The Meteoric Rise of a Global Gaming Phenomenon

What began as a limited release in 2018 quickly exploded into a global phenomenon in 2020, catching the attention of casual gamers and brands. We can say that the rise of the game reached stardom from a perfect storm of events: exciting games, hugely popular Twitch streamers, and a network of YouTubers. Meanwhile, “Inside Us” enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, appealing to players with its unique blend of style and social interaction.

The Captivating Gameplay and Memetic Legacy

Critics, too, were not immune to the game’s charms. Among Us garnered favorable reviews, praised for its captivating and entertaining gameplay. The world it created and the stylized characters it introduced have become the muse of countless internet memes, weaving their way into the fabric of online culture.

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Connecting Players Across Platforms and Borders

With its cross-platform compatibility, allowing players to connect regardless of their chosen device, Among Us has managed to bridge gaps and unite players from all corners of the globe. From its humble beginnings on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 to its subsequent release on Windows in November of the same year, the game continued its conquest, expanding to the Nintendo Switch in December 2020. 2021 marked another milestone as Among Us debuted on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, reaching an even wider audience.

Evolving Realities and Enduring Legacy

The saga of Among Us did not end there. In a thrilling twist, a virtual reality adaptation titled Among Us VR took players on an immersive journey, offering a fresh perspective and an even more intense experience. This exciting release hit the gaming scene on November 10, 2022, taking the franchise to new heights.

Through its captivating gameplay and iconic characters, Among Us has proven to be a timeless classic, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming landscape. With its legacy firmly established and its influence reverberating throughout the online realm, this fantastic game continues to bring joy, laughter, and suspense to young and old players defying the boundaries of time and space.

Unleash Your Deception and Deduction Skills

Enter the captivating world of Among Us to discover a cunning game of deceit and deduction. This multiplayer phenomenon, designed for four to fifteen players, will test your skills and ingenuity. Be prepared when up to three players—whose identities are kept a secret from everyone—are covertly selected to serve as the Impostors in each round.

Unravel the Secrets of Four Fascinating Maps and Outsmart the Impostors

You may explore four fascinating maps in Among Us as of 2021. “The Skeld,” a spacecraft that provides the backdrop for challenging gaming. You may even go through “MIRA HQ,” a secret-filled office complex with perilous halls. The video game “Polus” delivers a planet base ready to test your every move for those looking for an adventure in an alien world. Not to mention “The Airship,” a distinctive location taken from Innersloth’s well-known Henry Stickmin series.

The Crewmates’ ambition for triumph drives the game’s development. Either they do all their duties or successfully evict all Impostors. But watch out—the Impostors use different tactics to win. They can remove Crewmates one at a time by covert killing or interfering with meetings’ voting procedures. Impostors may disrupt crucial systems on the map to pursue their evil purpose, prompting Crewmates to act quickly to avert catastrophe.

Complete Chores, Unmask Impostors, and Survive the Chaos

Your goal as a Crewmate is to complete specified chores around the map. These assignments come in various formats, including mini-games, puzzles, and toggles. The crucial labor that awaits you includes, but is not limited to, repairing lines, downloading data, and maintaining critical systems. But watch out—the Impostors are skulking among you, appearing to be responsible Crewmates while hatching their evil plans.

Impostors cannot finish jobs, yet they may carry out sabotages to cause mayhem. To destabilize the situation, they may turn off lighting, restrict Crewmates’ eyesight, or even meddle with oxygen generators. They may also move quickly across the area and attack unaware Crewmates by “venting” or passing via ventilation ducts. On each map, there are different surveillance devices that Crewmates may use to help them in their effort to identify the Impostors. Vitals indicators, door log systems, and security cameras provide helpful hints and information.

Unmask the Impostors and Engage in Intense Debates to Determine the Truth

Players may start group meetings by reporting corpses or calling an emergency meeting to debate suspicions and expose the Impostors. Players participate in intensive debates during these critical events using the in-game text chat or third-party voice chat programs like Discord. Imposters use deceit, expertly fabricating lies to conceal their identity or blame innocent players. Finding the truth depends on the testimony of witnesses and a thorough analysis of one another’s claims. The ultimate decision on the alleged Impostors is made democratically. The contestant who receives the most votes is eliminated from the competition, revealing their actual selves to everybody.

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Those poor individuals who pass away or are kicked out of the game become ghosts. They may still participate as ghosts by finishing jobs as Crewmates or creating more havoc as Impostors. Although they are invisible to the alive players, spirits can move about freely, follow people, and interact with one another.

Unleash New Abilities and Thrilling Modes in the Ever-Evolving Game

A fascinating update added specific positions to the game in November 2021. Now, crew members can become engineers, scientists, or guardian angels. Engineers may go via vents to a certain degree, mimicking the Impostors’ strategy. Scientists can continuously monitor the players’ vital signs, which reveals recent fatalities. Ghosts of Crewmates may transform into Guardian Angels, offering momentary protection to players in the present and preventing the homicidal intentions of the Impostors. On the other hand, Impostors may assume the position of Shapeshifters, allowing them to momentarily change into other players and take on their looks and color.

In December 2022, the game introduced an additional mode named “Hide and Seek” for an exciting variety. There are no meetings or ejections in this mode. Instead, one Impostor—whose identity is known to the Crewmates—must dispatch every Crewmate within a specific time limit. To prolong the duration, crew members must avoid the Impostor, hide, and do chores. They can momentarily enter vents to hide from the Impostor’s view. Each Crew Member has a display that shows their distance from the Impostor and the number of other Crew Members still alive.

Tailor Your Gameplay and Express Your Style in a Customizable Universe

Players may alter various gameplay elements before each game to suit their tastes. Players’ movement rates, the number of emergency meetings permitted, the number of tasks and visual tasks, and whether the identity of the Impostor is disclosed after being eliminated are all variables that may be changed. These choices provide versatility and let players customize the game to their preferences.

Players also have the option to customize their looks using a variety of cosmetics. People may show their distinctive style in the game by unlocking or purchasing skins, headgear, visors, and even pets via microtransactions.

Among Us: Embark on a Thrilling Voyage of Deceit and Suspense

The video game industry has been entirely captivated by Among Us because of its captivating gameplay, challenging techniques, and the excitement of learning the truth. Players are kept on the edge of their seats by its unmatched experience. Come along on this thrilling voyage of deceit, cooperation, and unrelenting suspense with the millions of others who have already started it. Are you prepared to expose the Impostors or expertly trick your pals into believing something they don’t? Your decision will determine the future of your crewmates.

Among Us Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Among Us on my computer?

You can download Among Us on your Windows PC using the Microsoft Store. Launching the game on your Windows or Mac via emulators like NoxPlayer or Bluestacks is also possible.

Is Among Us free to play offline?

You can play the game offline with the Practice Mode without an internet connection.

How many GB is Among Us on PC?

You need at least 250 MB of free disk space to install Among Us. In the Memory department, you need at least 1 GB of RAM.

When did Among Us get popular?

Among Us wasn’t an instant gaming hit; its popularity can be attributed to game streamers who played it on Twitch.

Teamwork and betrayal are at the heart of Among Us. The crewmates’ future is in jeopardy in this tense conflict of deceit and cooperation. They must fulfill tasks while eluding the imposters’ lethal clutches to prevail. Crew meetings allow one to identify imposters and vote them out, but trust is brittle.

Perception and communication are essential for a crewmate. Imposters must blend in, act like the staff, and avoid being noticed. The game requires thoughtful planning and quick thinking. Will you escape the imposters’ web or fall for their trickery? In this fascinating test of perception and communication, make an informed decision. You can download Among Us by using the TuTuApp Mod store.

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